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Accounting System : The accounting system for the purpose of storage, accounting and finance. This includes documents The report accounting records to enable management to perform in front of their responsibility to carry out well for use as a performance measurement period in the past, and businesses need to have a good accounting system. To be a tool in the control of management operations.

Accounting System Consists of the following.

1. documents and accounting records contain.

√ forms such as invoices (Invoice) warrants payable (Vouchers) finished in the money (Receipt).

√ book to list all the primary or replace journals, including the purchase, sale, journals, journals receive money, pay journals, and journals online.

√ Ledger This book is a list of the preliminary list.

√ report or statement that will be presented to the management.

2. In compliance with the form.

3. Direction Document (Document Flow Chart).

4. Coded accounts And the chart of accounts for the business. For use in the financial statements.

5. The use of the program, accounting for recording transactions of the Company to achieve maximum efficiency.