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The current CFO, will serve in financial management. And is available on virtually every organization. Dai is the main function Department of Finance are as follows:

1. Forecasting and Financial Planning It will coordinate with the parties. In order to plan for the future that the Company will RoadSync in any direction.

2. investing and financing. The increase in sales for the company, it is essential. It requires investment in fixed assets. Finance Department will have to decide whether to invest in such assets, much less how. แm to provide sources of funding from sources of funding แm short or long term. The business benefit in financial management.

3. Coordination and Control They need to coordinate with various departments such as sales, production, because the operation of the parties. The financial impact will always.

4. touch with the financial markets. The แm funding sources.

5. Risk management Tuึ risk that the business will be faced with a natural disaster such as the exchange rate. But there are ways to prevent the risk.

This is the main function of the Finance Department. Which makes handling and overall financial performance. And help business profits up.